Delaware,the heart of culture

The city of Delaware rises up in New Castle county, in Ohio State. It is a place far away from the frenzy chaos of other metropolitan cities. The majority of its inhabitants are young people, who love middle standard, not expensive, lifestyle. Consequently, everyone has the opportunity to live with no worrying about financial issues.  Furthermore, Delmar Library and many other cultural institutes attract thousands of students.

That explains why many festivals take place in Delaware every year. The university of Delmar advertises and promotes many projects, so students can interact with other many cultures. In example “The centre of black culture”, which promotes Afro-American traditions. What the young people really love, is the presence of many buildings that celebrate the beauties and unicity of different kinds of art.

There are many dance, sing, act schools; YMCA centre, where everyone can practice and train in many different sports, or the Ohio national army centre, which is especially focused on military training. Aabout cultural events, many festivals take place during the whole year. In May, in example, there’s the “Horseshoe Crab & Shorebird” party: children can play while adults admire art pictures’ galleries.

“Dover Days”, featuring a huge parade and antique and collectible items exhibitions. In July and August, “Delaware State Fair”, which includes agricultural exhibits, rodeos, races; “Eastern Shore Afram”, whose aim is to promote different Afroamerican cultural arts. In October Delaware celebrates the Nanticoke Indian Powwow, an annual gathering of native Indian people. In November Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival takes place, featuring the 100 best American and English films.